As the leading trade association for the fire and emergency services industry, the Fire and Emergency Manufacturers and Services Association (FEMSA) represents over 140 companies that provide products and services to millions of fire and EMS professionals throughout the world.

As a Logistical Leader:
FEMSA has effectively coordinated the supply of fire and rescue equipment and materials to federal, state and local authorities that oversee rescue and recovery efforts associated with natural disasters, catastrophes and terrorist attacks. Through its core competency initiative, FEMSA has provided a valuable resource tool to thousands of emergency managers across the country. When disaster strikes, this project enables agencies to connect with FEMSA members 24 - 7 so that they may access emergency equipment and supplies for assistance in rescue-related efforts. The benefits here are two-fold, in that it also assists in the marketing of FEMSA member products and services. This resource-information is available on CD-ROM and is accessible through the FEMSA web site at www.femsa.org.

As a Federal Watchdog:
FEMSA is actively involved in legislative issues that directly impact emergency equipment providers. FEMSA maintains a strong presence on Capitol Hill, both directly and through the Congressional Fire Services Institute (CFSI), ensuring the voices of its members are heard, and that members are kept informed of legislative issues impacting their businesses.

As an Activist:
In the mid-1990s, FEMSA established a User Information Guide program covering explicit warnings on the use and care of personal protective equipment and ensembles. Over the years, members of the User Information Guide Consortium have expanded the program to assure current safety measures are effectively communicated.

As an Educator:
Many FEMSA members serve as educators at seminars and conferences around the nation, providing updated information and trends on new products and services.

As an Advocate:
FEMSA continues its fight for product liability reform at the national level. Through its association with the National Association of Manufacturers, and the National Fire Protection Association, FEMSA members are active and well represented in both legal issues affecting manufacturers and through the standards-making process. FEMSA members maintain positions on the Board and committees of these nationally recognized agencies.

As a News Provider:
FEMSA keeps its members informed of industry matters and issues through its quarterly newsletter, FEMSA "News," and through its web site at www.femsa.org.

As a Powerful Organizer:
FEMSA annual meetings work to strengthen its membership, planning for future development, and directing programs that build industry opportunities.

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