Personal Responsibility Code

The FEMSA Board has developed the Personal Responsibility Code (PRC). The idea began as a "universal" warning for emergency responders to be sure they understand their Member Role and responsibility in their own safety. It is the hope of the Board that all member companies will use the PRC on their literature, websites, products and on promotion items such as calendars and posters. The more widely distributed, the bigger the impact it will have. The PRC is being copyrighted and there will be a small annual license fee for member companies to use the PRC on their materials. In addition, FEMSA produces the PRC in several forms and have them available for purchase. These items include an 8" x 10" parchment document, product hang tags and a laminated card with the PRC on one side and major trade show events on the other.

© 2009 The PRC may not be copied, printed, or otherwise used without the expressed written consent of FEMSA. Unauthorized use is strictly forbidden.