FEMSA Sections

Welcome to FEMSA’s newly designed sections model, aimed at enhancing member engagement and collaboration.

Unlike the previous caucus system, this innovative format empowers our members to choose the sections they wish to participate in, allowing companies with multiple representatives to engage in multiple section meetings. Our vision is for these sections to cultivate interest among members who will actively contribute to discussions and year-round activities, ultimately enriching the value for all members. Below, you’ll find a list of our sections along with a brief overview of each section’s focus. Each section will be encouraged to chart its own long-term direction with the leadership of its members.

A Board liaison is assigned to each section to enhance continuity and mainstream communications with the Board on a monthly basis. FEMSA acknowledges with appreciation the efforts of all those who serve.

Tradeshow and Marketing Effectiveness

Tradeshow and Marketing Effectiveness: Dive into strategies to maximize tradeshow impact, leverage social media in marketing, and evaluate marketing plan ROI.

Board Moderator: Crosby Grindle

Dealer/Distributors and Manufacturing

Dealer/Distributors and Manufacturing: Explore the dynamics between manufacturers and dealers, identify criteria for selecting the right dealer, and address pain points in manufacturer-dealer relationships.

Board Moderators: Nathan Calabrese, Burke Genthner

Health and Wellness in the Fire Service

Health and Wellness in the Fire Service: Delve into current health and wellness issues and trends in the fire service, including occupational cancer legislation, behavioral health, and innovations in equipment design.

Board Moderator: John Granby


PPE and SCBA: Discuss topics concerning firefighter PPE and SCBA equipment manufacturing, industry standards, and integrating technology for enhanced functionality.

Board Moderator: Peter Askey

Technology and Future Focus

Technology and Future Focus: Explore the impact of technology on manufacturing processes, emerging trends like drones and virtual reality, and the challenges and opportunities presented by economic and cultural shifts.

Board Moderators: David Eskew

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