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Westnet, Inc.’s First-In Fire Station Alerting is a state-of-the-art system designed for use in small, large, military, ARFF, career or volunteer fire stations. The First-In Fire Station Alerting System can be activated via Computer Aided Dispatch, IP, network, radio system or pagers. First-In is used to assist departments in meeting NFPA 1221, 1710 and 1720 by monitoring alerting functions, lowering on-scene response times, improving firefighter health and safety and providing critical information to responding crews. First-In features include pre-alert tones and Automated Voice Dispatch (text-to-speech), selective alerting by company assignment, Dorm Remotes for individual dorm room alerting, heart-friendly ramping tones, Alerting End Points for displaying call information on station monitors, automatic gas shut-off functions and automatic, wireless back-up alerting as well as red safety lighting to ensure safety throughout the firehouse. First-In’s Dynamic Audio Technology automatically adjusts speaker audio levels to accommodate fluctuating noise levels so that clear dispatch transmissions are received in the fire station. Westnet, Inc. has been providing leading edge Dispatch and Alerting products for over 26 years.