Membership in FEMSA is open to the following classes of membership

Active Member: Any individual, corporation (or division thereof), or organization  that is legally authorized to do business in the United States or Canada which supplies goods or services  intended for use  in the fire and emergency services is eligible to become an Active member of FEMSA, provided that the applicant has at least one employee who permanently resides in the United States or Canada, and the applicant’s business is conducted from a physical facility located in the United States or Canada.

Industry Partner: A fire-service related organization or association in the United States or Canada which supports the mission and goals of FEMSA, may, at the discretion of the Board of Directors, be permitted to attend and participate in FEMSA meetings, committees and other activities as an “Industry Partner,” under such terms as the Board of Directors may determine. An Industry Partner shall not have any voting rights, and Industry Partner representatives shall not be eligible for election as Director(s) of the Association under Article V of these Bylaws.


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2020 Dues Assessment Schedule:

Dues are discounted for the first year only for new companies and companies returning to membership after at least a one-year absence. After the first year, dues return to full assessment for current and renewed member.