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Euramco Group Hires Sales Director Curt Johnson to Lead RAMFAN Sales in North America

Euramco Group
Euramco Group

San Diego, CA — Euramco Group has hired Curt Johnson to be its Director of Sales for North America, responsible for driving sales of RAMFAN fire and industrial products. Curt is an accomplished leader and business strategist, most recently serving as the North America Director of Sales for Tempest Technology Corporation. Curt led substantial growth of sales by identifying and negotiating terms with key dealers, while establishing beneficial regional and national sales programs.

“Curt has demonstrated the leadership and technical skills needed to best serve our dealer network, firefighters, oil rig roughnecks, industrial employees, contractors and military personnel that use our equipment on a daily basis,” said Zach Allen, VP of Sales and Operations. “Euramco’s future depends on leading the way with innovative, technologically advanced equipment and trusted relationships. Curt’s experience in fire service and industrial markets and his efforts to lead the development of a new battery-powered PPV blower are a welcomed addition to our leadership team.”

Curt has bachelor’s degree in Marketing from California State University, Fresno and has over 16 years of experience with significant sales success at Tempest. He also serves on the Board of Directors for the Fresno Fire Chief’s Foundation.

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Euramco Group, a company born in the Navy shipyards of San Diego, California, engineering RAMFAN ventilation systems for dangerous environments, from offshore platforms to space vehicle launch towers and frontline fire and rescue. Proudly Made in California since 1970.

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