FEMSA Committees

FEMSA’s standing committees are the driving forces of the association. 

Chairpersons and members of committees are volunteers of member companies who take an active interest in the success of the association. 

A Board liaison is assigned to each committee to enhance continuity and mainstream communications with the Board on a monthly basis. FEMSA acknowledges with appreciation the efforts of all those who serve.

Annual Meeting

  • Coordinate the planning and implementation of the Annual Meeting.
  • Propose meeting sites and dates; negotiate contracts.
  • Chaired by the Board Vice President and in concert with the Education Committee, the committee develops schedules, events, and speaker presentations within a prescribed budget.

Chair:  Karen Emory
Board Liaison:  Crosby Grindle
Education Committee Chair:  Greg Toritto


  • Enhance service to FEMSA members through educational programs at the Annual Meeting and news articles in the association newsletter.

Chair:  Greg Toritto
Board Liaison: Ted Billick

Executive & Strategic Planning

  • The Executive Committee acts on behalf of the association in any matter when the Board of Directors is not in session, reporting to the Board for ratification of actions.
  • Develop short and long-term objectives of the association based on direction of the membership and the Board.

Chair:  Peter Askey, President
Members: Karen Emory, David Eskew, John Granby, and Crosby Grindle


  • Collection of revenue and payment of expenses in keeping with a Board-approved annual operating budget.
  • Provide monthly financial reports to the Board, and a year-end report at the Annual Meeting.
  • Coordinate annual financial reviews and federal tax return filings through an independent accounting firm.

Secretary/Treasurer:  David Eskew

Administrator:  Maria Evola

Accountant:  Bernard Caniff, Caniff & Associates

Governmental Affairs

  • The mission of the Governmental Affairs Committee is to be the vehicle through which FAMA and FEMSA maintain and enhance their leadership role with strategic partners and governmental entities to promote issues related to the needs of first responders.
  • Committee members meet monthly for legislative and Capitol Hill updates, host an annual Hill Day in conjunction with the CFSI Fire and Emergency Services Symposium and Dinner, and work with member companies in support of Home Day events.

Co-Chairs:  John Granby & David Russell

Consultant:  David Gatton, Development Initiatives, Inc.


  • Foster association growth through recruitment of new and retention of current member companies.

Board Liaison:  Nathan Calabrese


  • Strengthen and promote the FEMSA brand and messaging by developing collateral materials for all events and activities, maintaining an effective and user-friendly website, and the publication of a semi-annual newsletter.

Co-Editors: Peter Askey and Nicole Newville


  • Present a slate of Director positions and conduct the election at the Annual Meeting in accordance with the association bylaws.

Chair:  Barbara Connolly

Board Liaison: Karen Emory

Statistics & Research

  • Coordinate the generation and collection of statistical data in various industry product areas as a benefit of association membership in cooperation with a third-party accounting firm.

Chair:  Cindy Morgan

Board Liaison:  Burke Genthner

Accounting Firm:  CLA, formerly Schenck SC

Trade Shows & Report Cards

  • Conduct evaluations of member-exhibitors and communicate with major industry trade show officials to elicit feedback resulting in added value to FEMSA member companies.

Board Liaison:  Andrew Geue

User Information Guide Program

  • In 1997, FEMSA manufacturers of personal protection ensembles (PPE), in cooperation with legal counsel, technical authorities, and fire service groups, developed guides that replaced old NFPA warning labels for NFPA-certified products. Guides are provided with garments, helmets, footwear, gloves and hoods sold to first responders to educate them on the hazards of their profession and warnings on the limitations of PPE products.
  • Guides are updated when changes to NFPA 1971 and related standards are adopted.

Chair:  Bill Lawson
Board Liaison: David Eskew

Fire And Emergency Manufacturers And Services Association