History of FEMSA

An industry partner and leader since 1966


FEMSA was organized in 1966 with a mission of “providing help and advice to… the fire service in general; and improve industry standards.”


Over the years FEMSA matured from a small social organization initiated by a handful of professional businesspeople to an organization that has been in the forefront of the education, advocacy, leadership and ethics for the fire service and companies that first responders rely upon for their training, safety, and protection.


Today FEMSA, in conjunction with FAMA (its partner since 1989) takes the lead in advocating for continued support of the fire service and the fire industry whether at the state or federal level and represents billions of dollars of revenue and nearly 100,000 employees in the US and Canada.


Since its inception, FEMSA has worked to help member organizations to continue to grow and reach higher and higher levels of success; advocate for the highest standards and safety and quality through our professional responsibility code and User Information Guide programs; and to communicate to elected officials not only importance of supporting the fire service in general, but the impact and value our member organizations, their products, services, and employees offer to the industry and their communities.

Fire And Emergency Manufacturers And Services Association