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If you’re looking for an organization that has a wide-reaching voice that positively impacts the fire service and emergency response market, look no further. According to David Eskew, Director of Sales, Fire Service at Milliken & Company, there is no better syndicate to stay up-to-date on industry topics and participate in vital discussions than the Fire and Emergency Manufacturers and Services Association (FEMSA).

“There are constant standard and requirement updates, as well as program, policy, and regulation modifications specific to this industry. It is important to stay informed about those discussions and actively participate to influence positive change,” said Eskew.

Fiber, fabric, and garment manufacturers, as well as dealers and distributors, play a significant role in product creation and relationship building with end users. Eskew believes everyone must be involved in evolving PPE designs so that the work fully benefits the first responder and increases health and safety awareness.

David added that FEMSA’s Governmental Affairs Committee (GAC) is essential for interacting with legislators. “It is important that our senators and representatives hear our concerns from one industry voice,” he said. “They need to know how they can help improve the health and safety of firefighters and emergency responders and what is needed on the fireground for these heroes to do their jobs safely and effectively.”

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