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Networking to share knowledge is an essential benefit of being a FEMSA member, according to Derek Roy, Global Application Engineering Manager at 3M. He suggests there is an inherent responsibility for companies with a global reach to share their knowledge and experience with other members. “Not all companies that are members, or could potentially be members, have the reach a large company does, so there is a responsibility to share information,” he said. 

Large companies benefit from being FEMSA members in several ways, including this information sharing. As a supplier of raw materials to FEMSA members, 3M has a vested interest in maintaining close contact with the FEMSA member companies who are customers or potential customers, and partners in providing their products to the fire service. For companies providing a finished good or supporting the supply chain, being a FEMSA member allows them to share information valuable to the industry and to benefit from doing so.

Economic reporting is another benefit of FEMSA membership. The report from committees on the state of the economy and market segments, purchase trends, government, the funding available through Congress, and the information from the Government Affairs Committee is invaluable, Derek said. “I would glean a lot of information from those reports and committees. It is in a tone that speaks to a company that supplies the fire service. It is much more helpful, easier to understand,” he said.

The FEMSA/FAMSA Governmental Affairs Committee Hill Day is another benefit that members, especially from smaller companies, receive. On Hill Day, members can meet with their local legislators and their staff to share the issues their companies and employees are experiencing. “It rises above politics and allows everybody to talk and try to get something done,” Derek said.

Regardless of the size of the company or organization, FEMSA membership provides value not just in networking but in having a collection of statistical data in industry product areas and the ability to discuss industry issues with local legislators, Derek finds. Members have a deeper connection to everything occurring in the fire service industry and a higher capability to discuss important issues.

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