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John Granby, now retired Vice President, Government Relations and Corporate Responsibility for LION, member of the FEMSA Board, and co-chair of the Governmental Affairs Committee says that being a FEMSA member gives you a way to interact and better understand the industry and increase your knowledge of the industry while learning how to position and grow your business. 

“The ability to interact with your competitors, your fellow members within the industry, or the products that you might have use for, allows you to have a broader concept of the industry. It gives you ideas about your business, how to position and grow it,” Granby said. “You might learn more about how your products or your companies’ abilities can better serve and or service other parts of the industry.” 

Granby said the interaction among FEMSA members is greater within the association than at trade shows where your time and attention are in short supply. All members, no matter the size of their company or organization, will also benefit from the Governmental Affairs Committee and FEMSA and FEMSA’s annual Hill Day. “Small companies do not think they have any voice in Washington or understanding of what goes on in Washington, but when you go to Hill Day, you are going with like-minded company members,” Granby said. “We represent part of the fire service, which was not well represented in the past and it gives congressional leaders a better understanding of how the industry can positively impact the health and wellness of the fire service. During Hill Day you can potentially meet your legislators or many times with their staff, and you get a better understanding of what is happening in Washington regarding fire service-related issues. You are also able to discuss with them the positive impact of important legislation such as the AFG) and SAFER Grant programs.” 

As a FEMSA member, you have all types of data and information at your disposal to discuss important fire service issues with your local representative.  Granby says meeting legislators on Hill Day puts a face to a name the next time you meet them locally. “It allows the smaller businesses that do not have the luxury of having a government relations person or cannot hire a firm or someone to help them. It gives them a voice.”

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