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Since 1902 Elkhart Brass has had a footprint across the globe with an international product line that is more than just nozzles. With products found in fire departments, building systems, offshore drilling sites, and military, marine, and industrial applications, Elkhart Brass has a historical significance with many firsts, such as the first ball-type shut-off nozzle in the United States in 1920.

In 2015, Elkhart Brass was acquired by Safe Fleet creating the leading global provider of safety solutions for fleet vehicles. The combination of Elkhart Brass with FRC, FoamPro, and R-O-M, enables the company to develop integrated systems of monitors, valves, foam proportioning and electronic controls for the global emergency market.

Elkhart Brass serves the following markets:

  • Municipal & Industrial Fire Protection
  • Firefighting Equipment for the specialized needs of the U.S. Government
  • Waterflow Products for Apparatus, Construction, and Mining
  • Fire Protection Products for Commercial and Industrial Buildings

Its products are sold worldwide through a network of dealers and distributors, as well as directly to OEMs and Governments. The latest addition to the product line is the CobraMax™ monitor, combining all the power and performance of the Cobra EXM2 with a combination shroud and lighting kit. 

Another addition, in training, is the third season of Brass Tacks & Hard Facts, an educational video series to leave firefighters better informed about nozzles, flows, fire flow system, and engine company operations as a discipline. With some of the country’s top engine company instructors, this video library shows the pros and cons of the relevant engine company topics in the fire service.

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