Fire & Safety Services Appoints Ashley Ross as Director of Brand Development

Fire & Safety Services recently announced the hiring of Ashley Ross as their new Director of Brand Development. David Russell, President of Fire & Safety Services, said “We are ushering in a new era and the next stage of growth and development for Fire & Safety Services with the introduction of Ashley Ross as our new Director of Brand Development. It was time to take our efforts to the next level and have a focused approach to developing internal and external communications and marketing strategies with specific goals and measurables to drive recognition and revenue.”

In this role, Ashley will take on the focus and duties of creating and overseeing the overall company brand development. This includes working both internally and externally to develop brand strategies and communications – this including review of all media aspects (website, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and other opportunities) and coordinate a consistent and robust message for Fire & Safety Services in our marketplace.

Ashley comes to Fire & Safety Services after having worked for the last 2+ years in the fire industry for another apparatus and equipment dealer and another 10+ years in product development and brand strategies in other industries. She will report to Dave Russell.

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