Fotokite began with a focus on first responders, a fire-first company, with a commitment to provide mission-critical situational awareness with their tethered unmanned aerial system (UAS). Based in Zurich, Switzerland, Syracuse, NY and Boulder, Colorado, Fotokite provides its technology and skills in a mission to support fire, EMS, and law enforcement and the people they serve. This is done through the Fotokite Sigma.

Fotokite Sigma is a tethered UAS that is easy to deploy, rugged enough to be used in rain, snow, and high wind, and requires minimal training to deliver real-time information. Originally designed to be deployed off the top of a vehicle with truly little setup time, Sigma is also deployable from its transport case and off a specially designed apparatus compartment tray.

As a tethered UAS, Fotokite Sigma does not require pilot certification and avoids other hinderances to operator training for first responders. Large and small departments can benefit from ease of deployment without setup time, calibration, and active piloting. Critical information can be streamed to one or multiple tablets through dual infrared and low-light video.

Fotokite Sigma is a connected fleet, meaning that service updates are provided directly to the user whenever they are needed, and along with the regular servicing for over 200 flight hours. Periodic maintenance and service alerts are provided in advance and if the device needs to be replaced the process is done overnight.

In 2019 Fotokite launched with Pierce Manufacturing to provide firefighters with the Pierce Situational Awareness System by Fotokite. Fotokite also partnered with Axon in 2020 to provide Sigma to law enforcement agencies. Fotokite is now used by many fire and police departments across North America and Europe. Fotokite continues to expand the usefulness of Sigma with a new service that features remote video stream broadcast over secure lines in real time. Additional recent developments include a partnership with MSA and requests for use in the wildland and wildland urban interface (WUI) environment.

Field tested and firefighter approved sum up the reliability and durability of Fotokite Sigma in its mission to provide real-time situational awareness to firefighters and first responders.

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