Ricochet in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and has over 25 years of experience producing sophisticated, high-tech gear for the rigorous and specialized needs of the military, industrial chemical workers and emergency first responders.

With a strong workforce of highly experienced and dedicated employees, Ricochet clothing meets and exceeds the requirements of NFPA 1999 for EMS, 1951 for Technical Rescue, and 1971 for Structural Firefighting. Every detail is engineered to meet your needs for ultimate protection, comfort, and mobility.

Designed for greater flexibility, comfort, and performance. Ricochet has developed patterning innovations throughout all the layers of gear that work to reduce heat stress, hobbling, and fatigue and provide a greater range of motion. All gear is custom-built because proper fit lowers the risk of exhaustion and increases safety.

The United States Air Force is Ricochet’s largest customer, worldwide, with the purchase of structural and proximity firefighting gear. The company provides EMS gear to both Philadelphia and Honolulu fire departments, as well as outfitting the FDNY Rescue and Squad companies with Technical Rescue PPE.

Ricochet offers several product options with the ability and flexibility to meet specific department needs. Customization and attention to detail, combined with years of experience, produce a product designed for ultimate protection and comfort.

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