FSI North America Ltd.

The Conron family started FSI North America® in July 1997 with a unique product grouping of portable inflatable decontamination shower and shelter systems that many said were not needed in America because “there are no terrorist acts here like in many other parts of the world”. September 11, 2001, changed all that and FSI® has grown steadily since then.

Today FSI® holds patents and registered trademarks on multiple products and offers arguably the world’s largest range of portable, mobile, and fixed, DAT® series hazmat decon shower systems. The Shelter offering is also very extensive and includes Isolation, Command, Alternate Care Field Hospitals, Sleeping, and Drive Thru Vaccine Shot units. Thousands of SKUs of support products include disposable backboards, medical field cots, isolation chambers, mortuary and EMS supplies, and all products needed to support a complete field hospital system from 10 – 1,000 beds.

 All products are offered in some 65 countries worldwide only through authorized FSI® distributors

As FSI® moves forward to the 25th anniversary of service to the life safety market, we also look forward to welcoming the second generation to carry on the mission of offering unique, industry leading, high-quality products, at a fair market price. All FSI® products are Commercially Available Off The Shelf (COTS).

FSI®, and its wholly owned subsidiary FSI North America® are involved in the WMD, Life Safety, Hazmat, Gross Decontamination, Mass Casualty, Medical, EMS, and Fire Fighting markets around the world.

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