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As a 4th generation family-owned business founded in 1933, Hannay Reels is the leading manufacturer of durable hose and cable reels for both OEM and aftermarket applications, offering hundreds of standard models along with a wide range of custom design capabilities.

Hannay Reels has been serving the fire and rescue industry since the 1950’s, designing and constructing fire hose and cable reels that are durable and dependable. Reels help cut attack time and increase safety, which makes a significant difference in an industry where time and reliability are top priorities.

Hannay Reels are built with three areas of focus: performance, to allow for quicker deployment and pick up; custom design, because every vehicle manufacturer’s truck design is different, and a small footprint, to deliver big performance in tight spaces

Hannay’s product line includes several types of reels for fire and rescue work:

  • Rescue Reels: These reels include electric cord reels for power and lighting; hose reels for breathing air applications, and twinline hydraulic reels for use in operating cutting and spreading rescue tools.
  • Twin Rescue Reels: Two reels compactly built within one frame base. Each reel operates independently of the other, and a cord reel can be combined with a breathing air or rescue tool reel if desired. 
  • Booster Hose Reels: Quick first-attack for small fires or while larger volume hoses are being set up
  • LD (Large Diameter) Flat Hose Storage Reels: Reels for designed to hold long lengths of 1½” to 6” flat hose.
  • Portable Hose Storage Reels: Lightweight reels ideal for 1” Standard or forestry flat lay hose when extra lengths are needed in an emergency.

Hannay Reels works with nearly all OEMs and dealer networks by having a strong parts market and top-notch customer service to deliver high-quality products that perform safely, efficiently, and economically.

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