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30 years ago Performance Advantage Company, PAC Tool Mounts, was the creation of Dick Young, a key member of the fire industry through Young Fire Equipment. The company prides itself on the manufacture and distribution of high-quality tool mounting brackets for use by the fire service, EMS, law enforcement and other agencies and industries.

PAC Tool Mounts’ commitment to customer service begins with a highly knowledgeable sales, engineering and technical support staff, and installation and training representatives providing products designed to mount life-saving tools safely and securely. Versatile and flexible mounting options provide the most efficient and accessible solutions, including customizations, for tools and equipment for new or in-service vehicles, 

PAC Tool Mounts utilizes the best possible materials and manufacturing methods resulting in long-lasting service and are tested to the highest standards and are compliant with National Fire Protection Association 1901 standards and MIL-S901D military shock specifications.

The product line from PAC Tool Mounts ranges includes adjustable mountslocking tool holders, hanger brackets, equipment mounts, positive locking brackets, tool hangers and much more.

PAC Tool Mounts also offers custom tool boards and customizable mounting kits for you to intelligently plan your tool layout. Put the tools and supplies you use most in easy reach. As new tools enter the market, the company works on new designs for new holders to give customers a wide array of solutions.

Made in the U.S. PAC Tool Mounts products see service in several states and overseas. Committed to the concept of educating all its customers to the benefits of the complete line of PAC tool mounting products, the PAC Classroom demonstrates the installation, function, and versatility of PAC brackets. Either in person or through private video conferencing with a PAC representative, customers can experience the advantages of using PAC products.

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