Emergency Technical Decon

Emergency Technical Decon is the only UL-verified provider, with ISP-certification expected in October 2021, in North America that offers decontamination service for personal protective equipment (PPE) by using carbon dioxide (CO2). CO2 has been used for decades as an environmentally friendly cleaning solution for dry clean only garments. CO2 has a viscosity of only 8% of water creating a very gentle process commonly reserved for wedding dresses and other delicate clothing for example.

Contaminants on PPE can be resistant to conventional cleaning methods and will affect the firefighter later and repeatedly. Toxins can accumulate after multiple incomplete cleaning attempts, building up over time in the membrane and layers of PPE.

Verified by Underwriters Laboratory as a verified cleaner under NFPA 1851, Standard on Selection, Care, and Maintenance of Protective Ensembles for Structural Fire Fighting and Proximity Fire Fighting, 2020 Edition, Emergency Technical Decon uses CO2 to penetrate around each clothing fiber and even through layers of clothing, including garment layers that are waterproof.

Due to the unique nature of ETD’s CO2 dry cleaning process, we can clean all types of PPE without damaging them. Coats, pants, gloves, hoods, helmets, boots, masks, SCBA, and many other items. ETD is even effective on cleaning apparatus cab interiors and seat covers, again due to our CO2 based dry cleaning process.

Emergency Technical Decon currently services PPE from Eagan, Minnesota. Turnaround time for cleaning is 72 hours, but this may vary with each department based on their needs and schedules.

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