Ring Rescue is the authority in stuck ring removal creating safe, effective, and efficient solutions for stuck ring removal in the fire, medical, jewelry, and funeral services professionals worldwide.

The company came about as a final research project for four engineering students about ineffective and time-consuming ring removal from an emergency room physician. Months and years of research and development later led to the manufacture of the Ring Rescue Compression Device, the world’s first non-destructive, ring removal solution patented for safe ring removal preserving sentimental property.

Rings can become stuck for many reasons such as an allergic reaction, injury, pregnancy, to name a few. Removing a stuck ring without cutting is extremely important and in the past professionals have relied on DIY techniques to avoid cutting. Ring Rescue’s compression device and non-hydrating lubricant help fire and medical professionals remove rings without damaging property, elevating the standard of care.

The Ring Rescue product line currently consists of a patented, FDA-registered compression device, and their non-hydrating lubricant.

The compression device is easily applied to the swollen finger, then shrinks the finger down to a more manageable size to give the professional the best chance to remove the ring, then, it is paired with their non-hydrating lubricant to manipulate the ring off the finger. Their non-hydrating lubricant stays on the surface of the skin and is not absorbed, thus, helping the finger not to swell back up like other hydrating lubricants often used in the field.

Ring Rescue is in use across North America and abroad in fire departments, emergency rooms, operating rooms, jewelry stores and funeral homes. Their website shows step-by-step videos and expert advice as well as live stuck ring removals and frequently asked questions. Ring Rescue also offers one-to-one virtual training, train-the-trainer lessons, and easy dealer contact and sharing.
Watch for Ring Rescue, as later this winter they will release their next solution for those who need to remove a ring destructively. It will be able to remove any ring material, in the safest way, in the shortest amount of time. Stay tuned!

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