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Devin Vogel joined Fire & Safety Services in August. Devin is a road service technician in northern New Jersey with five years of experience as a fire apparatus technician. He most recently worked for the Ferrara facility in Little Ferry where he served as their Lead Road Technician.

Rick Pumphrey joined Fire & Safety Services in September. Rick will be working with Sam Squire in Atlantic and Cape May Counties in apparatus sales. Rick has over 12-years of experience in loose equipment sales and five years of experience in apparatus sales.

Christopher Vallat joined Fire & Safety Services in September. Chris is focused on the growth of our Law Enforcement and EMS sales area, selling command apparatus and smaller 1- and 2-ton light rescue/command/ESU type apparatus. Chris has many years of experience in the industry.

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Harrington, Inc.

Harrington, Inc. is the Universal Connection in the U.S. fire industry. Hal Harrington started the business in 1988 and it is still managed by the Harrington family located in Erie, Pennsylvania.


PMI is a company founded and run by rescuers, cavers, climbers, rope access technicians and mountaineers.

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