Member News Spotlight: Task Force Tips

Christopher C. Vazzana has been named President and CEO of Task Force Tips. Chris was formerly President and CEO of Hydra-Stop, the leading provider of water control solutions for municipalities and private water utilities. He also held numerous executive positions with Fortune 500 companies in manufacturing, supply chain, Asian operations, lean, and strategy. In addition, Chris serves on the Steering Committee and is an active judge of the Edison Awards.

Philip Gerace has been named Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing. Phil has 28 years of experience in serving first responders. He was most recently TFT’s VP of Marketing and previously, Director of Sales and Marketing at KME Fire Apparatus. Phil will lead the growth and commitment to innovation within TFT’s marketing team, OEM, domestic and international sales divisions, and customer service.

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Harrington, Inc.

Harrington, Inc. is the Universal Connection in the U.S. fire industry. Hal Harrington started the business in 1988 and it is still managed by the Harrington family located in Erie, Pennsylvania.


PMI is a company founded and run by rescuers, cavers, climbers, rope access technicians and mountaineers.

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