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In its commitment to the fire service and first responders, Conway Shield stands as a great example of a purpose-driven business. “If you commit yourself to something you deeply believe in, something that contributes to the wellbeing of other people, two things are going to happen,” explains the company’s founder Paul Conway. “First, you’re going to find customers and customers are going to find you. Passion and purpose, not products and profits, drive business. And second, you’ll be able to recruit, engage, and retain quality people to help move the business forward. Good people want their work to contribute to something worthwhile, something beyond a paycheck, something bigger than themselves.”

For Conway Shield, that something is the protection of courage. Specifically, it’s the protection of the men and women who serve as firefighters and first responders. “Every single day, these people go to work and risk their own wellbeing, often their own lives, in service to the wellbeing of other people. As citizens, we depend on their service, but as human beings, we are inspired by their courage,” Paul Conway explains. Conway Shield is wholly dedicated to serving and protecting that courage.

There are four divisions of Conway Shield’s business, and each serves this cause in different ways. The Shield division designs and manufactures the industry’s gold standard in helmet shields because, as Conway points out, nothing is worth more than a firefighter’s identity. It needs to be celebrated. The Conway Shield Training division focuses on the all-important task of training the mental focus and emotional resilience of firefighters. This is where the lives of firefighters are most often lost or saved. The third division, Chief’s Choice, manufactures and distributes a premium line of gear wash, apparatus wash, and training smoke, and the fourth division sells and distributes personal protection equipment (PPE) that Conway would be willing to trust with his own life.

At Conway Shield, business is never about what they do, it’s about WHY they do it—to protect courage.

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Shelby Glove has been the choice of professional and volunteer firefighters from around the world. Shelby’s reputation for customer appreciation and loyalty is directly attributed to our gloves’ protection, durability, fit and performance.

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