Founded in 1890 by C.H. Sutphen, Sutphen Corporation currently stands as the oldest family-owned and operated fire apparatus manufacturer in the United States. Built on the foundations of family, innovation and service to firefighters and communities around the world, the family-owned organization has been a fire industry staple for over 130 years. 

Building the safest, most reliable fire apparatus in the world through innovation and customer focus has enabled the Sutphen family to become an integral part of the nation’s frontline, emergency services. Sutphen Corporation has a broad and diverse product line but is known for its mid-mount aerial apparatus. Having been the originators of the apparatus with Tom Sutphen’s first mid-mount aerial platform built in the 1960s, the company continues to pride itself in its mid-mount aerials. 

Today the company excels in the mid-mount market with its structural integrity, unmatched quality and hand-crafted apparatus. The company’s products include tandem axle mid-mount and rear-mount aerials from 95 feet to 112 feet. This includes both mid-mount and rear-mount aerials. Sutphen also has several single axle aerial apparatus including both straight stick aerials and platforms as well as mid-mount and rear-mount aerials. 

Additionally, Sutphen has a custom pumper line that enables customers to create a unit designed specifically for their department’s needs.

In 2021, Sutphen announced its reintroduction into the tractor drawn aerial (TDA) market and the company will unveil its first TDA since the 1990s in the spring of 2022. DeKalb County Fire Rescue in DeKalb County, Georgia will be the home of the first Sutphen TDA. The TDA will follow Sutphen’s sole source manufacturing practices like all its other products.

In 2021, Sutphen Corporation announced the significant expansion of its business with a new 185,000 square-foot facility in Urbana, Ohio. This new facility will combine three current Sutphen facilities into one while increasing space, manufacturing capacity and jobs. The new facility will house its Chassis Facility, its Urbana Pumper Division and its Service and Technical Division. 

Sutphen Corporation prides itself on the entire Sutphen Experience which includes service after the sale. Sutphen recognizes the importance of easy repairs and minimal downtime in the fire service which is why the details of each apparatus are specifically crafted for easy maintenance and service. The company’s non-propriety parts enable departments to maintain and repair their apparatus quickly, easily and affordably. Departments can complete maintenance or repairs on their Sutphens with their own maintenance departments or through one of Sutphen’s certified dealers or service centers across the country. Sutphen’s expansive dealer network supports customers across the country on a day-to-day basis.

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