Milliken & Company (Milliken) is an award-winning leader in innovation and manufacturing excellence with a rich history in fire and rescue expertise in Fire Resistant fabrics. Milliken’s four divisions – Chemical, Floor Covering, Healthcare, and Textile – are driven by curiosity, purposeful design and essential performance. Milliken’s 157-year history and vision to positively impact the world create the ideal combination to make a difference in fire service personal protective equipment (PPE).

It is said that people interact with 30 to 50 Milliken products daily. From PPE and airbags to bandages and cleaning supplies, you can find Milliken in anything, anywhere. The Fire Service business, within the Textile division, is making its mark with products found in all end uses of first responder PPE:

  • Station Wear
  • Structural turnout gear, including outer shells, thermal liners, moisture barrier substrates and reflective trim substrates
  • EMS
  • Technical rescue
  • Wildland

Milliken is a completely vertical manufacturer with yarn spinning, weaving, knitting, dyeing and finishing, nonwoven and quilting capabilities. No one else in the market has a US textile manufacturing footprint like Milliken.
Milliken has a passion for protecting people and prioritizes firefighter health and safety. According to U.S. Fire Administration data, heart attacks, stress and overexertion are leading causes of on-duty firefighter deaths. Milliken’s Fire Service team works collaboratively with firefighters and the supply chain to develop fabrics that are comfortable to wear and lightweight without sacrificing required protection.

Milliken has been the recipient of numerous awards such as:

  • 2022 Forbes Best Midsize Employer
  • 2022 Forbes Best Employers for Diversity
  • 16+ years as Ethisphere’s World’s Most Ethical Companies
  • EHS Today’s America’s Safest Companies
  • R&D 100 Award Winner (7x)

The health and safety of first responders are the primary focus of Milliken’s Fire Service business, which is committed to continuous education and innovation, all for the benefit of the first responder. Through webinars, podcasts and product training, Milliken is a truly valuable resource for fire departments.

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Lakeland is a global leader in the manufacturing of protective clothing to help improve the quality of safety for the industrial workforce including electric and gas utilities, petrochemical, hazardous waste sites, chemical handling, cleanrooms, fire services, and road crews, to name a few. Backed by 40 years of time-tested, high-performance workwear, we help empower our customers to provide the safest working environment possible.

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Shelby Glove has been the choice of professional and volunteer firefighters from around the world. Shelby’s reputation for customer appreciation and loyalty is directly attributed to our gloves’ protection, durability, fit and performance.

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