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Wildfires have been evolving in intensity and speed, creating more and more problems for the existing extinction systems. The great wildfires that have taken place in recent years require new strategies, new tactics, and new equipment and tools.

At Vallfirest (commonly referred to as VFT) we work closely with analysts and industry professionals from all over the world to achieve a common goal. Today, Vallfirest has distribution in more than 70 countries. VFT products and solutions are now present in wildland fires worldwide. This gives us a unique advantage; by taking product ideas, tactics, uses, etc., and shaping them into viable tools for wildland firefighters worldwide. This way, Vallfirest pushes the envelope when it comes to product development, and everyone has access.

With more than 25 products designed for the extinction of wildland fires, Vallfirest has evolved into the only manufacturer capable of offering a 360-degree solution. Currently, “the wildfire company” is represented by four distinct divisions:

Safety: Head-to-toe firefighter protection.
Tools: Essential hand tools for firefighting and fire prevention.
Frontline: Direct attack with water line.
Aerial: Extinguishing systems for helicopters.

The future of wildland firefighting just arrived faster.

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