Proforma Marblehead Marketing

For 20 years Proforma Marblehead Marketing has been a family-owned business of products and services focused in the first responder market, through dealers and events, and engaged with manufacturers, digital media, digital marketing, e-commerce, and augmented reality.

Proforma is focused on simplifying the management of marketing collateral; cultivating website leads; communicating using video and multi-media; managing direct mail programs with real time visibility; driving tradeshow traffic; inspiring and rewarding your remote workforce; and keeping your brand top of mind.

Proforma Marblehead Marketing began as the combination of marketing and business talents of Rich and Lisa Mistkowski. Rich has 20 years of experience in volunteer fire service in addition to his experience in marketing. Lisa also did a lot with marketing and was known for being the brains “behind the operation.” Rich and Lisa each had over 30 years of marketing, sales, and national account experience. Unfortunately, Lisa passed away in 2016 after battling cancer for several years. 

The product line is extensive, ranging from apparel and awards to personal protective equipment and writing materials. With an understanding of how the first responder, dealer, manufacturer process works, Proforma Marblehead Marketing connects companies with the end users. Strategic partnership opportunities including a referral service for larger programs are an added feature of Proforma’s services. Creating a unique branded online selling solution has never been easier than Online Company ProStores.

This powerful online solution for managing branding, purchasing and product availability brings you the power of an eCommerce store with the ease and flexibility of a do-it-yourself solution. ProStores is a complete eCommerce solution that makes managing your company’s products and services simple. The mobile-friendly, intuitive nature of ProStores provides you with control over your product offerings.

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