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Established in the mid-1930s the name Super Vac, seemingly a misnomer, was coined after the Super Vac Propeller Company introduced one of the most effective ventilators — essentially creating a forceful “vacuum” that could extract smoke and heat from buildings. The name is now synonymous with the highest quality ventilation products, making Super Vac a ventilation equipment manufacturer leader. Today, Super Vac manufactures battery, electric, gasoline, hydraulic and air-powered units for emergency response and industrial applications at its 160,000-square-foot Colorado factory, where we pride ourselves on independent manufacturing processes.

The Super Vac name is synonymous with firefighter ventilation. With nearly 90 years of innovations in firefighting tools and equipment, Super Vac offers a wide array of fire ventilation fans, starting with our 8” fan ideal for confined spaces to our 50” fan for large-scale operations.. Our ventilation saws help control airflow, while select accessories create light, foam, mist and even heat to aid in crews’ rescue efforts.

Super Vac’s battery fan lineup is the only positive pressure ventilation (PPV) in the firefighting industry and industrial market that works with your crew’s other battery-operated tools. Gone are the days of expensive, hard-to-source batteries that take more than half a day to charge. Super Vac’s 16”, 18″ and 20” variable-speed battery fans work with your choice of DeWalt®, Milwaukee® , Makita®, or HURST® EWXT™/E3™ batteries, making this lineup the most compatible PPV interface on the market. Finally, the industry can turn to a fan with a trusted battery name that pairs with Super Vac’s dependable history.

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