RAMFAN is a brand of Euramco Group, a company that has been around for more than 50 years. RAMFAN ventilation products have been on the forefront in the industrial, fire and military industries. Each of our smoke ejectors, PPV fans, blowers and accessories represent the most advanced technology in the industry. RAMFAN continues to lead the industry in technological advancements in design of power systems engineered specifically for the firefighting industry. Purpose built batteries and Battery Management Systems that provide the highest in-class working power and offer the safest operations for firefighters while on mission.

RAMFAN has been an innovator in positive pressure ventilation with the first and only portable fan for firefighters with hot-swappable battery packs and multi-mission capabilities. The RAMFAN EX150Li is the world’s most powerful battery operated PPV fan. From a clean sheet design, we mapped out what basic requirements would be necessary to produce a purpose-built battery fan, from the ground up that would meet the toughest of requirements to operate safely in a demanding fireground mission. 

Mission specific kits and accessories have been created to expand the possibilities of fan use. The latest software and hardware update to the IntelliSenseTM controller of the EX150Li optimizes performance and makes operating the fan even easier. Additionally, the EX500/EX520 has been upgraded to include LED lights for low light operations.

The RAMFAN Resource Hub provides customers with detailed product information such as spec sheets, manuals, drawings and instructions for every category of fan offered.

RAMFAN continues the tradition of building the highest quality products for the most demanding environments. Their product line runs beyond PPV fans for firefighting and rescue work and includes fans for confined space, hazardous locations and defense, specifically shipboard de-smoking. RAMFAN products are purpose-built for the toughest job sites, with a mission to control the flow of air for survivability and controllability.


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Lakeland is a global leader in the manufacturing of protective clothing to help improve the quality of safety for the industrial workforce including electric and gas utilities, petrochemical, hazardous waste sites, chemical handling, cleanrooms, fire services, and road crews, to name a few. Backed by 40 years of time-tested, high-performance workwear, we help empower our customers to provide the safest working environment possible.

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Shelby Glove has been the choice of professional and volunteer firefighters from around the world. Shelby’s reputation for customer appreciation and loyalty is directly attributed to our gloves’ protection, durability, fit and performance.

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