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For nearly three decades S&H Products have been trusted by firefighters around the world to provide them with the necessary tools to aid them in saving lives and property, particularly in the wildland and wildland urban interface (WUI) environments. From its manufacturing facility in Arvada, Colorado, S&H Products has earned that trust through its commitment to ensuring that the nozzles, tools, and hose appliances they offer are of the highest quality and available at a fair price.

S&H Products designers and engineers oversee each step in the manufacturing process from concept through design, manufacturing, and testing, which is how the company can deliver firefighting tools and appliances that are of the highest level of workmanship to firefighters who are doing a job that demands nothing less.

S&H’s products are designed and manufactured to meet or exceed U.S. Forest Service Specification 5100, with a specification requiring that nozzles and hose appliances have up to a 600-psi working pressure and are lightweight for wildland firefighting applications. Using these USFS-compliant products in WUI fire suppression campaigns helps ensure interoperability between agencies when engaged in multi-agency fire suppression operations.

One of S&H’s products, The Variable Smooth Bore firefighting nozzle produces an adjustable solid stream with 5 different flow rates. With just a twist of the nozzle’s bumper, firefighters can set the flow rate from 95 GPM to 190 GPM without stopping to change tips. The Variable Smooth Bore nozzle provides unequaled solid stream performance, penetration, and maximum reach at pressures as low as 55 psi. Saves time, no shutdown necessary to change to the 5 tip sizes, allows for continuous operation from 5/8” outlet size up to 1” size.

The company’s hose appliances (wyes, gated wyes, t-valves, twin tip, and nozzles) are also useful for water distribution to smaller sizes like Garden Hose Thread (GHT) for firefighters to use for personal hygiene, initial contaminant reduction (gross decontamination), and equipment clean up.

The 1” Forestry Twin Tip Nozzle is THE time-tested forestry nozzle. Made from high-quality cast aluminum with stainless steel internal parts, it comes standard with a 3/16-inch straight stream tip and a 3 GPM fog spray tip. The nozzle has a fog spray position, a straight stream position, and an off position.

Both the 1-Inch and 1-1/2-Inch Dual Range Nozzles give the firefighter more control with both a low flow and a high flow rate setting. Both nozzles provide adjustable fog and straight stream patterns with a twist shut-off to provide superior control capable of water flows of 10-30 GPM and 20-90 GPM.

Wildland and WUI firefighting frequently require adding hose to existing lines and S&H has several value solutions to meet those challenges. The 1 ½-inch (NH) to 1-inch hoseline “T” Valve is crafted from cast aluminum making it ultra-lightweight and extremely durable.

The S&H 1-1/2-inch Swivel Shut-Off Valve is crafted from anodized aircraft aluminum with a heavy-duty cast aluminum handle, making it the perfect valve for rugged operations in the wildland or WUI fire environment when you need to add hose to an existing hose line. When it comes to wildland or WUI firefighting, S&H Products has the nozzles, hose appliances and tools that will meet your department’s needs.

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