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“I think to grow your business means involvement, and you need to cultivate partnerships that you may need somewhere down the road,” he said. He added that those interactions also provide a true understanding of what is going on from a funding standpoint.
“Regardless of the size of the company or organization, FEMSA membership provides value not just in networking but in having a collection of statistical data in industry product areas and the ability to discuss industry issues with local legislators.”
“For me, the value is industry knowledge, understanding industry trends, making industry connections, and looking for new ways to collaborate with different companies,” Crosby said. Understanding what is happening in the market, what successes companies are having, and what issues companies are having are the true benefits that come from networking.
-Crosby Grindle, Sourcewell
“There are constant standard and requirement updates, as well as program, policy, and regulation modifications specific to this industry. It is important to stay informed about those discussions and actively participate to influence positive change.”
“The ability to interact with your competitors, your fellow members within the industry, or the products that you might have use for, allows you to have a broader concept of the industry. It gives you ideas about your business, how to position and grow it.”
“There are many things that one can do to be a good steward of our industry. I can think of two very important ones that we routinely practice at FEMSA. One of those is the GAC (Government Action Committee). FEMSA, to my knowledge, is the only organization representing the loose equipment sector of our industry that has an entire working group (GAC) dedicated to lobbying for grants that are so important to public safety.”
-Nathan Calabrese, Ricochet Manufacturing

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