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Born out of a bad fire apparatus purchasing experience for a volunteer fire company, members created their company to provide a better experience than what they received. From this experience James Wessel created Brindlee Mountain Fire Apparatus in 2001, sold their first fire engine, reinvested money from the sale, and began selling more fire trucks. Since then, over 7,500 fire trucks have been sold to all 50 states and countries as far away as Saudi Arabia, Madagascar, Belize, Chile, Bahrain, and others. Brindlee Mountain Fire Apparatus has grown from a fire engine in a driveway at James’ house to over 100 rigs on a 43-acre campus and to more than 50 full-time employees.

Brindlee Mountain Fire apparatus employees also staff an engine company, two ambulances, two EMS quick response vehicles, and a battalion chief, in the daytime for the community through a cooperative agreement.

Brindlee offers and extensive listing of fire apparatus for sale. The selections range from pumpers and tenders to quints, ladder trucks, tower ladders, and rescue squads. Customers can also find brush trucks, mini-pumpers, command vehicles, and ambulances. ARFF rigs are also listed as well as demo units.

More than just sales, Brindlee also provides end to end repair, mobile service, maintenance, testing, refurbishment, and collision repair services. The mobile service has increased over recent years allowing Brindlee to come to the customer and provide a better service experience.

Business involving collision repair has also increased. Brindlee has not only kept up with the demand but is also able to provide quality work with short return times.

The Service Team at Brindlee Mountain represents the largest number of certified Master Emergency Vehicle Technicians on a single team in the Southeast ready to serve your department. Brindlee Mountain employs 150 full time and half of those work in the Service Department. There are certified Emergency Vehicle Technician (EVT) mechanics, fabrication technicians, paint specialists, operations management, and parts specialists. Certified EVT technicians perform pump tests, general repairs, preventative maintenance, frame, collision, and paintwork on over 500 used fire trucks every year.

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