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Task Force Tips’ history goes back over 50 years to when Clyde McMillan sketched the first design of an automatic nozzle on a napkin in his kitchen. Since then, Task Force Tips (TFT) has been focused on water flow, from supply to attack, wildland to industrial. With a focus on innovation, TFT provides firefighters with the best stream and reach, lowest friction loss, and safest features. New ideas are continually developed to help firefighters save lives and protect the property more safely, effectively, and healthier.

TFT’s product line is expansive and deep from the point of water supply to fire attack and all points in between. Recent additions include the Extend-A-Gun VPTM waterway for deck mounted monitors; BLITZTACTM portable monitor; RADIUSTM deck mounted extendable monitor; Working FireTM Nozzle, and CrewProtectTM.

CrewProtect was developed with a focus on firefighter health. CrewProtect is a comprehensive and simple solution to help protect first responders from the multiple harmful and carcinogenic airborne contaminants in fire cabs and ambulances that other filtration systems miss. CrewProtect attacks all three significant problems for firefighters including Particulates, VOCs, and Aerosols carrying bacteria and viruses (including SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19).

With a focus on flow, TFT’s SHOW-FLOTM Bluetooth® flow meter and app work either independently with established fire flow formulas, or together, determining actual flow rates, calculating true pump discharge pressures, nozzle reaction, hose friction, and allowing real time NFPA 1962 flow testing.

Water flow education is also important to TFT. Online videos cover a range of information for customers, from their H2Know series to industry topics such as nozzle facts and water mapping. Their focus, without the sales pitch, is on the belief that a better educated firefighter will be a safer firefighter.

Task Force Tips’ distributors are located internationally and provide information, support, demonstrations and thousands of water and foam flow products to municipal, industrial, and military customers across the globe. Technical support is also available to customers 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

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