Bullard’s rich history dates to 1898 and the invention of the Hard Boiled® “hard hat.” Since then, the company has developed into a company with a rich history of innovation, solving customer problems to keep them safe in Infrastructure, Energy, Pharmaceutical Manufacturing, Healthcare, and Emergency Responder roles. A fifth-generation family-owned company, Bullard has facilities in Kentucky, Switzerland, Germany, and Singapore, and team members located around the globe.

Weight Reduction in Structure Fire Helmets

One of Bullard’s more popular fire helmets is the UST Series structural fire helmet and now, the new UST-LW structural fire helmet provides a significant reduction in weight. Bullard engineers found the ability to reduce weight of the helmet by up to 10% without compromising the safety provided by the thermal barrier and comfort in the U-fit system, making it one of the lightest structural fire helmets on the market. Recently at the Fire Department Instructors Conference in Indianapolis, Indiana, attendees were able to compare the weight difference with the UST-LW.

Along with the UST-LW fire helmet, Bullard also offers the Bullard Cares Kit, an extra set of fire helmet components, bundled in a washable mesh bag that can easily be laundered without falling apart or tangling. Firefighters can now have a clean set of helmet components after a fire. The idea for this kit came from one of Bullard’s distributors which then Bullard designed, created, and manufactured. Proceeds from sales help support the Fire Fighter Cancer Support Network.

Awareness for Respiratory Protection on the Rise

World renown for their fire helmets and thermal imaging cameras, Bullard also has an extensive offering of head, face, and respiratory protection, and respiratory protection specifically for the healthcare workplace. Demand for PAPR, the powered air-purifying respirator system for first responders in the healthcare setting, has led Bullard to develop SALUS HC, a compact and ergonomic shoulder mounted system conforming to all body types. SALUS HC is approved to the new NIOSH PAPR100-P standard for healthcare.

Bullard offers online training for its head protection, respiratory protection, and structural firefighting helmet products. The MAXXLife Calculator gives customers a user-friendly calculator that helps users calculate the service life of their powered air-purifying respirator cartridge. Additional benefits of being a Bullard customer include the Bullard Save-A-Life Club, a reward and recognition program for firefighters who save a civilian or escape a life-threatening situation while using a Bullard Thermal Imager.

From a hard hat for miners in 1919 to global innovation, manufacturing, and product support, Bullard continues in its mission to keep its customers safe.

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