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Turtle Plastics is a 40-year-old company started by Tom Norton, a lifelong environmentalist with a passion for environmental sustainability. Creating a culture change, by strictly working with recycled products, led to plastic matting for cabinet liners that became Turtle Tile™, the original, flexible, odor-free, interlocking cushion tile. Turtle Tiles soon set the standard for versatile heavy duty floor matting in fire/rescue, commercial, and industrial settings. Turtle Tiles remain the premier cushion tile that is the ergonomic solution for almost any flooring application and for compartment matting in fire and rescue vehicles.

Then the company began receiving requests for stabilization cribbing, which led to the creation of the Dura Crib™ and Dura Stat™, innovative plastic cribbing blocks for stabilizing heavy loads and vehicles in fire and rescue and industrial settings. The company’s products are now used around the world by first responders and industrial maintenance and repair teams in leading industries. A forgiving product that will not fail like wood and is easy to clean and decontaminate. All their products are made in the United States.

Turtle Plastics has been asked to solve additional stabilization problems which led to the creation of new products such as the stabilization pads and the development of cribbing that can support large heavy equipment, which will reduce cribbing time in the critical minutes of extrication. A strut pad also for use in heavy equipment rescue will be added to the product line.

Being invested in the community and their customers, Turtle Plastics offers an improved Grain Bin Rescue Sleeve originally developed, tested, and built by farmers and firefighters. The simple one-piece device is offered with a discount purchase program when a person buys one for their local fire department.

Turtle Plastics provides many incentive programs to OEMs, dealers, and distributors who install Turtle Tile at their facilities, whether as flooring or compartment matting. They offer job saws to create efficiency during cutting and installation of the tiles. They provide Gaylord scrap containers for scrap management and help in finding shipping solutions to return that scrap back to Turtle Plastics.

Product education and training is an important part of Turtle Plastics. A training trailer that is used at extrication events has received more use due to the COVID-19 pandemic allowing them to take the show on the road.

Turtle Plastics has a long history of supporting communities locally and internationally and is committed to being good corporate citizens to customers and to the community at large. The Turtle Plastics corporation and the Turtle Plastics Foundation help support fire/rescue trainers as well as volunteer firefighters who need equipment donations or monetary assistance to attend training or buy equipment.

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