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Leatherhead Tools manufactures high quality tools for fire and rescue personnel, law enforcement officers and SWAT teams, and the U.S. military. With its beginnings of hand tool manufacturing in 1922, Leatherhead Tools brings its superior quality product line of axes, sledges, hooks, and forcible entry tools, made and assembled in America, to first responders in the U.S., Canada, the United Kingdom, and Germany.

Many of Leatherhead Tools’ products are drop forged, a process that forces steel throughout cavities of the die giving the tool a continuous grain flow, finer grain size, improved microstructure, and reduces the chance of voids while resulting in greater strength.

Among the product lines, the Lockwood Hook is Leatherhead Tools’ newest innovation in firefighting hooks. Geometrically designed for prying, sounding, cutting, and piercing it also designed to be married with a Halligan bar or rest easily on the rungs of a ground ladder. Additional selections of hooks include the New York Hook, New York Claw Hook, Pike Pole-Pro Lite, and Pike Pole I-Beam. Each comes with a variety of head and handle options.

Leatherhead Tool’s Halligan bar is 100% drop forged in the U.S. from designs based on the feedback of firefighters. It comes with reference lines on the forks and adz for setting the tool during forcible entry, as well as squared shoulders and thin forks for those tight door forces. The adz end has a smooth striking surface to eliminate awkward striking angles and is designed to help prevent “skinning” an outward swinging door. The forks have a one-inch spread between the tines to remove doorknobs for through-the-lock techniques. Lastly it is finished with a zinc coating to help prevent rust and make this tool easy to clean.

For cutting and striking choices, the 8 lb. Ultra-Force Axe™ is the top of the line, with the standard Flat Head and Pick Head axes. For the forcible entry combination, you can select from three “Set of Irons” options: Leatherhead Irons, Ultra-Force Irons, and Breacher Irons. Each is made in the USA with 100% American materials and craftsmanship and available with several options. Additional striking products include the Sledgehammer, Hallway Sledge, and the T-N-T Tool, each with options in weight, length, and handle choice.

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