FEMSA / FAMA Trade Show Report – 2019 FDIC

Quick Facts from 2019

  • Number of attendees who visited the exhibit hall: 35,369
  • Number of FEMSA / FAMA exhibitors: 195
  • Advertised cost per square foot of a 10×10 booth for 2019: $37.00 per sq ft – Discounts available for advertisers
  • Number of departments represented at the 2019 FDIC: 5,999
  • Average number of leads per member: 14
  • Average member cost per square foot: $30.15


2019 FDIC – Indianapolis, IN, April 8-13

FEMSA / FAMA asks – Eric Schlett, Sr. VP, Clarion Fire & Rescue Group, answers

F/F: What will be different with your 2020 show?

ES: NEW! Metro Officers Innovation Briefing – This year at FDIC International, we are introducing Metro Officers Innovation Briefing; a small intimate gathering where decision makers for larger metropolitan departments can see what’s new in the industry, meet with new or current trusted suppliers and network with fellow metro officers. This is a one-day event that takes place on Wednesday, April 22, the day before the FDIC exhibit hall opens. In order to participate in this one-day event, you have to fit certain criteria, which you can learn about here:

Expanded MATCH! Program – FDIC International launched its first ever MATCH! program at the 2019 event. The program was a resounding success with over 430 meetings conducted in two days. MATCH! is a customized meeting experience that directly connects decision making attendees to vendors who offer the products and services they are interested in purchasing. This highly efficient and consultative experience is expanding in 2020, as we look to double the number of participants and conduct close to 600 meetings.

NEW! Extrication Demonstration and Competition Area – The Extrication Demonstration and Competition Area at FDIC International will create an interactive experience throughout the week for manufacturers and attendees in our Outdoor Exhibits & Demo Area located on South Street. The main focus of the area is to educate and demonstrate the proficiency, excellence and capability of the tools provided by the manufacturers. Attendees will vote on the manufacturer of their choice and whichever manufacturer has the most votes wins!

NEW! Innovation Hub – It is easy for new innovations and technology to get lost on the exhibit floor. This year we are making it easier to find and easier for companies to showcase their new technology, innovation, product or services for the fire industry by creating an Innovation Hub in Lucas Oil Stadium. Those who exhibit in the Innovation Hub will have the opportunity to present their product innovation, as well as take their product discussion to our website post-event.


F/F: What offerings do you have that others don’t?

ES: FDIC is North America’s largest fire event, bringing together over 35,000 fire industry professionals. What distinguishes FDIC from other industry events are the multitude of opportunities for learning and training, starting with its 27 interactive Hands-on Training (H.O.T) sessions, 75 pre-conference workshops and over 200 conference sessions taught by world renowned instructors. FDIC’s immersive learning experience extends to the exhibit hall floor and outdoor demonstration area where attendees can see and try the latest products, equipment, services and technology from over 800 exhibiting companies.


F/F: What advice do you have to exhibitors that can increase their effectiveness at your show?

ES: For some exhibitors it may be easy to get overwhelmed when you arrive onsite and realize the scale of FDIC International. That is why it’s imperative that you plan ahead!


F/F: What trends are you seeing in the trade show industry that exhibitors should be aware of?

ES: Customer Focused Design – When designing your booth for an event, the exhibitor needs to think about the customer they want to attract, do business with, and their own goals for exhibiting. From there, the exhibitor builds out the experience that they want to create with the customer in mind throughout the whole process.

Create an Experience – Bring your product to life, let your customers experience how their lives would change by using your product or service. Design your exhibit and marketing plan to create a lasting impression for your customers.

Digital Marketing – Digital marketing efforts can help you focus on being in front of the right audience. For those looking for a niche audience or targeting specific individuals, this approach is a cost efficient and effective way to get their attention leading into FDIC.

Live Demonstrations – Based on customer feedback from FDIC International, our attendees want to see more live demonstrations! They want to be able to touch, feel and experience the product or service you are sourcing; they want to have the ability to ask specific relevant questions and get to know the person they are doing business with.

Highlight NEW Products or Technology – FDIC International attendees are looking to see what’s new! Be sure to highlight what your company will have on display that’s new this year.

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